*shopt is a free app available to download on IOS or Android by convenience retailers.

They  register their store and then use the app to access brand content, deals, ranging and display advice and industry news.

Convenience retailers access the app, and the content comes from brands who sell their products in convenience stores.

Brands sign up to *shopt and supply us with their brand content and product information. We will work with you to understand your existing approach, and key objectives for convenience and particular SKU’s.

We will device a plan based on available budget, to enable you to reach your objectives. As Retailers engage with content and take up the offers, they are rewarded and Brands gain new distribution points.

No, *shopt helps promote products and offers, but retailers will use their normal route to market to purchase goods.
As a brand you can use *shopt to drive distribution of NPD, increase distribution of existing SKU’s, offer advice on ranging and display to increase compliance or use it as a trade marketing tool to share brand content.

The app is evolving all of the time and the ways in which brands are using it is also evolving, so we are always welcoming of discussions with brands on ways that they can use the app.

The app covers all of the categories including Alcohol, Confectionary, Crisps and Snacks, Baby, Biscuits, Tobacco/Vaping and Soft Drinks.
We can have your products live on *shopt within a few days!
How you use *shopt can depend on how you currently service the channel. *shopt can be a standalone communication tool for convenience retailers, but it can also work alongside existing sales teams, cash and carry deals and brands own reward schemes.
Brands use *shopt as a tool to communicate with the convenience retail channel. They can put brand messaging, content, NPD, offers onto the app for Retailers to see. *shopt can give you a new distribution point for less than £5 – considerably cheaper than sending physical sales resource through the door, with no guarantee of them seeing a decision maker. Brands can interact in a more effective way sharing new content, NPD information and advice on a regular basis throughout the month.
Retailers use *shopt so that they can have one place where they can access multiple brands, across all of the categories. They can access deals, promotional offers, new product information as well as broader category advice, must stocks and ranging information. For Retailers it’s a way to be able to interact with brands at a time and a place that suits them – not just when a rep comes to visit.

By taking up the brand offers and deals, retailers are able to earn cash rewards. Once they reach a certain threshold, they can download that cash straight into their bank account.

The app is free to download for Retailers. For Brands we offer flexibility of tactical and contractual solutions and will be happy to provide a quote based on your specific needs. Please contact [email protected] and one of our team will be in touch.
We are growing all of the time. As of August 2019 we have 12,000 retailers.
We have specific measures in place to ensure we check when retailers register for *shopt that they are 1) genuine convenience retailers and 2) not already registered with us. When Retailers make claims we have a multi-stage check process that ensures we detect any potentially fraudulent claims.